Professional care - in a beautiful environment




Caladrius is named after the snow-white bird of the Roman mythology. Her unique appearance is characterised by the immaculate snow-white feathers covering its body. Her soul is pure and she has magical healing capacities: she absorbs the sickness of the ill and flies so close to the sun that the illness disperses from her. She returns then to the ground renewed and continues to help those in need.


Our clients know that not only examine their pets very thoroughly, recommend and deliver high quality treatment and a broad spectrum of preventative healthcare options but also make our personal priority to handle them gently and kindly. We really do treat them with love. This philosophy is transmitted through every action and interaction in our surgery: all our staff - including our receptionists, assistants and veterinarians - are working towards one goal - your pet’s health.

Professionalism and thoroughness

The first step in the treatment of any disease is a thorough physical examination. During the physical exam we obtain general information regarding the status of the body: we measure the bodyweight and temperature, examine the mucosal membranes, oral cavity, teeth, eyes, ears, lymph nodes, thyroid glands, we listen to the lung and heart sounds, we measure the pulse and palpate the abdomen, mammary glands, testes, etc. In some cases diagnosis can be reached based on the physical examination whereas in others further investigation is needed, such as performing blood, urine, faecal, radiographic and ultrasound examinations. Whatever procedure is performed in Caladrius, we will give you detailed information and medical notes afterwards.

Cat friendly clinic

During the building process of our surgery we payed special attention to make sure that our canine and feline patients can wait in separated waiting rooms, can be examined in separated consulting rooms and kennel areas and all our colleagues use dog and cat friendly handling and examination techniques only - to ensure that the pets receive the least amount of stress during their visits. 

Our Surgery is the first in Hungary has been accredited by the International Cat Care as Cat Friendly Clinic and rated Silver level.

Small animal dental procedures

Our dental treatments are based on 2 major pillars: our special knowledge and experience in this area and the highest quality of our equipments. Our digital dental radiography system was specifically designed for the use in small animals. We can take high resolution radiographic pictures of the whole oral cavity which then aid us to quickly and efficiently diagnose the dental problems and tailor the treatment plan specifically to each patient.