Zsófi EN

Head Veterinarian, CEO: Dr. Zsófia Vass graduated as a veterinarian in 2018 in Budapest. After her high school graduation she started her university studies at Eötvös Lóránd University, Institute of Psychology. In the summer of 2009 due to the illness of Bagira, her 17-year-old cat she gained insight into the everyday life of a veterinarian and veterinary clinic. She then had decided to apply to continue her studies at the Veterinary University of Budapest, where she was accepted in 2011. Between 2009 and 2013 she was shadowing veterinarians in one of the main veterinary hospitals of Budapest and between 2013 and 2017 she was regularly visiting a clinic near Budapest. In her thesis she summarised the prospects of predicting ulcerative pododermatitis in hares with the diagnostic method of using thermal imaging. She strongly believes that comprehensive, thorough, gentle examination and up-to-date medical knowledge are the indispensable bases of healing and therapy. One domestic shorthair and 3 bengals are the four-legged members of her family. She is board member of the Hungarian Ethical Cat Breeders Association since July 2018.


Since February 2022, dr. Zsófia Vass has immersed in the mysteries of feline medicine as a part of Feline Medicine Distance Education course organized by The University of Sydney Centre fo Veterinary Education. The comprehensive training covers different subspecialities of internal medicine, with special consideration for the specifics of felines.




02-04. 2023.: The University of Syndey, Anaesthesia 2: Compromised patients


Fanni EN

Dr. Fanni Vrabély graduated at the Univeristy of Veterinary Medicine Budapest in 2017. Already during her univeristy years, ultrasound diagnostics and dermatology became her main areas of interest, in which she is constantly trying to expand her knowledge. After graduation she started working at the Kőbányai Kisállatrendelő, and later undertook ultrasound specialist orders and general care in other clinics.

She improves her professional knowledge constantly, because she believes that there is always room for further development.

She is the happy owner of two dogs, a rabbit and a parrot. She spend most of her free time with her dogs 

Anita EN

Anita Virágh, veterinary assistant:  She grew up among animals, so there was no question that she would have a profession where she could spend as much time as possible with them. In 2008, she graduated from Szent István University with a degree in agricultural engineering. She has been working as a veterinary assistant since 2004, an in 2022 graduated as a small animal specific veterinary assistant at the Murmuczok Education Center and as a dog physiotherapist at Dóra Péteri. She is always looking for new challenges and opportunities, beacause professional development is extremely important for her. She spends her free time with her family and her dogs as the owner of Nagyiregi Dog Kennel, founded in 1960. In addition to Great Danes, she and her partner are lovers of American Akitas. Currently, seven Great Danes, five Akitas, a Shiba Inu and a rescued Chinese Crested dog make her everyday happier.