Laser Therapy

The different handpieces and settings enable the versatile use of the iM3 Class 4 veterinaty laser device. In addition to soft tissue surgeries, it can be used as an additional therapeutic tool in the management of various pathologies and conditions. Laser biostimulation is an effective and painless treatment which can support healing and reduce recovery time. Its operating principle is based on the enhancement of circulation and reduction of chemical substances, which can reduce inflammation and pain.


What can be laser used for?


  • Supporting the healing process of chronic and acute wounds and inflammations - in the oral cavity or other areas of the body
  • As an additional therapeutic tool in the management of various skin conditions (e.g.: lick granuloma, otitis externa, feline acne)
  • Reducing pain in case of muscoskeletal disorders or neuropathy
  • For general and oral surgical interventions


In order to establish a tailored therapeutic plan, the comprehensive examination of the patient before starting the therapy is essential, during which we work closely with colleagues with outstanding expertise in the fields of dermatology, ortopedics and neurology, as well as physiotherapists. Thermal imaging can be a useful tool in monitoring the effectiveness of the laser treatments.