Ultrasound diagnostics

Ultrasound diagnostics play an important role in internal medicine examinations. The procedure is painless and can be used to examine the structural differences, changes in size, congenital abnormalities and circulatory disorders of the organs.


In our clinic, the work of our colleagues is supported by the Mindray Vetus 8 ultrasound, as well as an ECG device, thus we can get comprehensive details not only of the abdominal organs, but also of the circulatory system.


Abdominal and cardiac ultrasound examinations are recommended before procedures performed under general anesthesia, as well as annually from the age of 6 years, as screening.



How to prepare for the examination


We kindly ask you to arrive with you pet on an empty stomach, it is necessary to abstain from food for 6 hours prior the abdominal ultrasound examination. For young or small patients, a shorter time (4 hours) may be sufficient.


Immediately before the examination, it is recommended to prevent urination, in the case of cats, the litter tray should be taken one hour before the appointment.


Should you have any further questions about the examination or the preparation, please do not hesitate  to contact our colleagues!


dr. Fanni Vrabély is responsible for the ultrasound examinations.

Appointments: on Tuesdays, 9:00am - 5:00 pm