Caladrius operates as a referral practice, too: this means that we accept patients sent by other Veterinary Professionals for advanced work-up and therapy. Most of our patients are referred to receive dental therapy but we accept more complicated cases of internal medicine, endocrinology and skin- and heartworm infections.

We understand the importance of good communication with the other Hungarian and international veterinarians who specialize in different areas of veterinary medicine: if needed, our patients are referred quickly, precisely and effectively to ensure that they receive the best treatment.

Information regarding referrals for Veterinary Professionals:

You can contact us via phone on +36 1 397 72 63. We kindly ask you to forward any information regarding the referred patient (physical examination journals, pre-anaesthetic blood- and urine examinations, other diagnostic imaging, etc.) to e-mail address.



We will update you regarding all examinations and treatments performed in Caladrius and forward our digital radiographs, digital dental radiographs, examination journals and laboratory examination results to the e-mail address provided by the referring veterinarian.